MLV starts 2018 with the single « Vivir » performed by José Pardial at his best. The father-son duo, Jacques and Florian Sanchez, sign the music, largely supported by Dajana Djedovic for the lyrics.

A person locked in or caught in an inappropriate collective system will have little chance of satisfying his or her fundamental need for recognition. The current craze for social networks confirms this tendency to seek the attention and interest of others.

To be able to start a new life, to realize one's childhood dreams, to be aware that time is sacred, to live on the paths of existence without the fear of failure, to find inner peace in an intense or peaceful life.

Therefore, let us be carried away by what could well be a hymn : ver el tiempo que se va, encontrar felicidad, creer en un mundo mejor, vivir por la libertad.


Florian Sanchez, Jacques Sanchez


Florian Sanchez, Jacques Sanchez, Dajana Djedovic