She crossed the last century in all discretion. Music - her refuge, her answer to the wounds of the soul and the heart - accompanied her throughout her life and her travels, which constantly brought her back to Spain, a country from which she drew her inspiration and to which she felt deeply attached. But the dream of realizing herself through her passion never came true, leaving her with a feeling of failure and loneliness, like a missed appointment. Some people believe in their luck or in destiny, she thought that time, which always passes too quickly, had deprived her of an essential meeting with her public... MLV is her story.

The previous paragraphs reflect the motivation that pushed Florian & Santiago to pursue an artistic trajectory that started a long time ago. The MLV label does not claim to honor the work of an artist but to realize her dream. To make her passion live.

The one who could have devoted her whole life to music, whom Jacques called « Marylise » and Florian « Marraine », is so present in their hearts that the tandem dedicates a song to her memory. From then on, melodies and harmonies take over to overcome the absence of the missing loved one.

In this sudden indifference, this kind of anaesthesia, I recognized the very strange feeling I had experienced only once before, a very long time ago, in Paris. Even more intensely and radically, after yet another interview with an art director, I realized that this would be my last. The pain was immeasurable. In the hall of the Théâtre de la Ville, a friend repeated my name, more and more surprised.
I could hear him, but I didn’t respond. I was no longer there.

Marie-Louise VINCK


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Every song is a pulse, every note a breakthrough, every person who listens to it, a hope for art.