To celebrate the spring blooming with hope and anticipate the wonderful sunny season of summer, MLV presents its third title "Mañana". Jacques and Florian Sanchez, in harmony with Dajana Djedovic, fine-tune their trademark sound, embellished by the talent and unique timbre of singer José Pardial.

« Mañana » or the art of reinventing love. Accepting that the passion that we wanted to last forever gives way to a lasting love. « Mañana » means taking a new path, rediscovering the thrill of first kisses. Love is transformed. Love is life. There is no other truth.

There is every reason to believe that this rhythmic song, carried by the joy of living, will put optimism in the heart for a long time.


Florian Sanchez, Jacques Sanchez


Florian Sanchez, Jacques Sanchez, Dajana Djedovic