MLV continues its upward trajectory with a second promising title « Juntos ». Jacques and Florian Sanchez associated with Dajana Djedovic implement their inescapable cogs at the moment where José Pardial excels in the sentimental song.

Life as a couple is a journey marked by obstacles and oppositions. After a separation, when regrets are already plaguing dreams, it may be time to admit that the differences between spouses are compatible and, in some cases, even essential assets. To give up prematurely is to give up hope of reconciliation. A hand stretched out towards the other is to take one more step on a path where each one must reinvent himself in all circumstances.

A true love never ends, it accompanies two beings in a colorful journey.


Florian Sanchez, Jacques Sanchez


Florian Sanchez, Jacques Sanchez, Dajana Djedovic