Close your eyes... Listen. At any moment, Claudia Cardinale and Charles Bronson could appear. Now it's not Ennio Morricone, but it could be. Florian and Santiago. The first, son of the second mentioned, is taken on a journey in search of their roots. Family on the one hand, with a Mediterranean heat, a shadow of flamenco or a breath of gypsy jazz. If the influence of Brassens, Bob Dylan or The Shadows is certain, everything blends together "Désormais" pleasantly guided by the great masters of music.

After a first opus in 2019 "El Duo", Florian & Santiago embellish their repertoire with 13 instrumental nuggets, in which the synthesizer marries the strings, while flirting harmoniously with the brass.

We discover the album « Désormais ». A real pleasure, one cannot do without it any more.

David Bonfy – Journalist


01. Désormais (3:21)
02. Le désert de Sonora (4:35)
03. Madico (4:09)
04. Anthem (3:42)
05. Les miroirs de la nuit (3:27)
06. Por ti (3:09)
07. Casanovia (3:33)
08. Un soir d’été (3:55)
09. Nocturne (3:19)
10. Volveras (3:22)
11. Say Nothing (4:09)
12. Rêve lointain (3:55)
13. Dernière danse (3:55)